How to Create 3d Ai Car Image with Your Name

आज के डिजिटल युग में, विजुअल सामग्री सबसे महत्वपूर्ण है। यह दर्शकों को आकर्षित करती है और संदेश को बेहतर तरीके से पहुंचाती है। विजुअल माध्यमों की विविधता में, 3D AI Car Image इमेजेस का खास महत्व है क्योंकि ये देखने वालों को बहका कर रखते हैं और उन्हें Engage रखते हैं।

सोचो, कुछ क्लिक्स में Bing Image Creator के मदद साथ शानदार 3D AI Car Image अपने नाम के साथ बना सकते हैं, बिल्कुल आसानी से।

How to create trending 3d Ai Car Image

3D AI Car Image by Bing image creator

Step 1: Bing image creator website पर जाएं|

Step 2: इसके बाद अपना Microsoft का Account create करें|

Step 3: उसके बाद अपना Prompt डालें जो image आपको बनाना है, नीचे हमने कई सारे Prompt दिए हुए हैं, आप वहां से कॉपी कर सकते हैं|

Step 4: इसके बाद Create पर Click करें कुछ ही सेकेंड में आपका image Generate हो जायेगा|

Step 5: Image Download करने के लिए Image पर long Press करें, जिससे आप save और share कर सकें|

5+ Trending Prompt for 3d Ai Car Image

Prompt 1: Design a 3D effect for a profile picture showcasing a relaxed 22-year-old Indian guy in a red hoodie seated casually on a white BMW car. He sports sneakers and sunglasses while gazing ahead. The backdrop includes the name “Ashish” in bold yellow neon lights against a dark grey wall, with added wings to give the impression of him as an angel.

Prompt 2: Design a 3D illusion for a profile picture portraying a confident and professional 25-year-old man in a blue suit standing beside a black Mercedes G wagon AMG 63 car. He wears a watch and tie, exuding confidence. The background showcases his stylish name “Ashish” in large blue neon light fonts against a white wall, with added arrows and graphs to convey the impression of him as a successful businessman.

Prompt 3: Create a 3D illustration depicting a 20-year-old boy sitting on the road. He wears a black hoodie, black angle pants, and black sneakers. He sports a Rolex watch on one hand and black sunglasses. The boy sits on an Audi car, with the number plate displaying the name “Ashish” in shiny orange color.

Prompt 4: Design a 3D illusion realistic for a profile picture depicting an 20-year-old adorable girl in a pink hoodie leaning on a red Ferrari car. She wears boots and a hat, smiling at the camera. The backdrop showcases her stylish name “Saumya” in large neon pink capital letters on a black wall. Stars and hearts adorn the scene, giving it a princess-like ambiance.

Prompt 5: Create a 3D illustration featuring a 20-year-old young man seated on the road, dressed in a black hoodie, yellow angled pants, and yellow sneakers. He wears a Rolex watch on one hand and black sunglasses. He sits atop a Mercedes Benz car with the name “Ashish” displayed on the number plate in shiny orange color.

Prompt 6: Generate a 3D effect for a profile realistic image depicting a casually seated 19-year-old charming young man wearing a black hoodie atop a white Toyota Supra. Adorned with sneakers and sunglasses, he gazes forward. The backdrop showcases the name “Ashish” prominently in large, capitalized yellow neon lettering against a dark grey wall.

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